$179.99 Right now, no nearby places on BeerMenus have their beer. Malt. Many hefeweizen ales have refreshing notes of bubblegum, banana, cloves, spices or green apple, which originate from yeast strains. Texas - Hefeweizen - 5.3% ABV Brewed with an ample volume of wheat malt and few hops, this beer features a unique yeast strain that produces harmonious notes of clove, banana, and vanilla throughout this effervescent brew Arguably one of the most recognizable beer styles, the German-style hefeweizen offers a striking beer experience thanks to the use of distinctive wheat malt, unique yeast and uncharateristic appearance. Drops into a relatively dry mid sip and a clean finish. That’s why we proudly wear the seal – and you can too. 3 out of 5 stars. Like a muscled linebacker, the body is big but lean, efficient, and quick on its toes, and the deft handling of yeast produces a level of sophistication that’s hard to beat.”. Yes (7) Region. Not available for online purchase. Hefeweizen (25) Imported Beer. Learn about how we rate & review beers with our BJCP blind panel here, “A faint whiff of sharpie on the nose that fades into a vague cucumber-lime. The fruitiness of Hefe pairs perfectly with curries and sweet dishes as well as fresh cheeses such as Mozzarella and Chèvre. 4.9 out of 5 stars. Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier 16.9oz Btl. Nearby Stores. California (4) Washington (3) Seasonal & Special Release. If you enjoy the website and are interested in a convenient way to learn more about German beer, or any other kind of beer for that matter, sign up to have our newsletter delivered directly to your inbox. It’s not bitter, per se, but more firm than flowe, “The first whiff is more bitter than expected, but that doesn’t carry through to the sip as an orange-lime sweetness pulls through with a hint of citric tartness.”, “Tanned leather and fresh tobacco leaf on the nose hint at the age. 17 IBU (3.83) 928 Ratings Added 01/13/12 . It finishes faster than most, with a lingering orange-zest note and a dryness that’s inviting.”, “An unfortunate whiff of oxidation on the nose—a mix of sweetness, old milk, and long overripe fruit. Since 1909, every drop of Shiner beer has been brewed at the Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner, TX (population 2,069). Carbonation is lively and bright. Max. The German-style hefeweizen is straw to amber in color and brewed with at least 50 percent malted wheat. 40 reviews. Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier 1/2 Keg. German hefeweizen beer, like any other beer, tastes best when freshly poured at a brewery, and we want to help you find the breweries near you that serve the German hefeweizen that you seek. Paulaner Brauerei. Min. Near. Check with each retailer to see which products are available in your area. BEERS; VISIT; ABOUT; SHOP; EVENTS; CONTACT; Hefeweizen. ABV: 4.9% IBU: 19. No worries. HefeWeizen Arizona Wheat Beer. A hint of bitterness, which usually originates from yeast, accompanies these sweet notes. Wheat Beer - Hefeweizen. Hefeweizen. Vase BEERMENUS. A touch thin and a bit light on character and personality, as it foregoes yeast esters for a more accessible drinkability.”, “A propulsive aroma with familiar hefe notes of sweet banana and clove melds into a structured body with a touch of hops bitterness that keeps the beer honest and avoids the typical clichés. A bright and bready body like an orange breakfast pastry.”, “A muted nose blunts the initial impact, and an American hand at hopping offers a bit more bitterness as the mild herbal notes overpower the yeast. Use our “ Find a Brewery ” feature to locate breweries based on your location or search for a specific brewery by name. Get the best brewing tips, techniques, and recipes in your inbox. 7.9% ABV . CraftBeer.com is written by beer lovers for beer lovers. The intensity of these wildly differing flavor qualities varies depending on the brewer, but the two are most commonly balanced. It finishes with a cleansing bitterness, but a touch of savory citrus zest lingers on.”, “Big and bold hefeweizen nose with balanced esters and phenols cranked up in intensity. München. $3.99 + CRV . Widmer Brothers Hefeweizen (86) “A muted nose blunts the initial impact, and an American hand at hopping offers a bit more bitterness as the mild herbal notes overpower the yeast. 99. Hefeweizen typically contains a low to moderate alcohol content and is considered to be the most popular amongst the German weissbier variety. Pick Up Limited quantities may be available in store. A German weissbier must showcase the weizen yeast’s one-two punch of fruit and spice to be recognized as a German hefeweizen. We also recently took home a 3rd place medal at GABF in Denver in 2019. The sip is effervescent, with tight carbonation on the tongue and orange and tangerine notes coming to the fore. Hefeweizens are highly carbonated, so their mouthfeel is a little like a fizzy drink, but better! Light bready nose and body trending toward the thin side, but the banana-orange notes build with additional sips—this is one to drink by the pint, not the taster.”, “A yeasty nose with light hits of lemon and orange.