Relocated to Murray Hill from its original home on Second Avenue and 10th Street (it's now a Chase bank! Log In Sign Up. A renowned mashpia (chassidic mentor) once told the following story. 2016 has been a sucky year and this is just another straw that will bring down that darn camel. You need more than 2 people at the table to sample more of the menu. For influencer inquiries Sometimes I would just get a knish to go or on a cold NY day, some chicken noodle or split pea soup to warm my soul. The mushroom barley soup was delicious as was the pastrami sandwiches. Stuffed Derma. For years I always got their pastrami (either on rye or club), but on my last visit I asked for one half of a pastrami and one half of a corned beef, both on rye (they charge $2.50 extra for mixing). In modern cooking, synthetic casings often replace the beef intestine. Waited on line for almost 3 hours to dine for my last time here. By then my fortune will probably be gone but the corned beef alone would have been worth it. In stock. I have always loved stuffed derma. The originators of the over-stuffed sandwich, the Carneigie also maintains a menu of Jewish delicies like kasha varnishkas (bulgar wheat and bow tie pasta) and kishka (also known as stuffed derma) which has killed more Jews than the Nazis. Real New Yorkers know the 2nd Avenue Deli is THE place to get your corned beef and pastrami fix.I don't frequent the place as often as I would like because it is so expensive, but every once in a while you have to give in. The corned beef was the best I ever had - tender, moist, and bursting with flavor. Heads up: From now on, other Yelpers will be able to see how you voted. For the first time in a long time, the same waiter came back to the table to look me straight in the eye to say thank you, that he appreciated it very much. With iconic (though overrated) restaurants like the Carnegie and Stage gone, there remains one true gem, the 2nd Avenue Deli. By Yossy Gordon. I prefer the light crispy type would skip those. Two of us ordered the pastrami, one brisket and 2 Rubens. Thank you, Mrs Levine for continuing the 79 year tradition of this genuine NYC institution and Good Luck! Stuffed derma, or kishke, is a traditional side dish made with a few simple ingredients. Kishke is a common addition to Ashkenazi-style cholent. I had a lovely server- she could not have been more pleasant. Stuffed Derma at Carnegie Deli "The day has finally come. Menu may not be up to date. I'll get you to go, eat you long and slow, eat you on the train, I can't get you out of my brain. One day when I strike it rich, I will make it my goal to eat through the entire menu. ::long sigh::So long, you 2" thick overstuffed pastrami and corned beef sandwiches. You were pricey ($19.95), but oh so delicious on your bed of rye slices, dressed in course deli mustard. Does not need it.Tongue is good, though it needs to be at room temp to be really  tasty. And while I'm here, I recommend bringing 5 friends. Want to chime in? Carnegie's announced closure date that has been looming for months is here. Want to chime in. So sad they are closing at the end of the month:( It was worth the wait! Carnegie's announced closure date that has been looming for months is here. At times I would drool over you as a Reuben sandwich with sauerkraut and Russian dressing to add to that sweetness. The Jewish deli has become something of a relic in New York. Kishke, also known as stuffed derma (from German Darm, "intestine"), is a Jewish dish traditionally made from flour or matzo meal, schmaltz and spices. My father refuses to tell me what is in it, saying that I would never want to eat it again. It is my go-to sandwich from now on. Jamie | Aug 23, 2005 02:01 PM 23. Not overly salted, light as a feather matzoh ball, fresh dill, perfectly cooked carrot slices....could do without the addition of choice of noodles, kasha or rice. The day has finally come. What I won't miss are the long lines of tourists trying to get a table. The waiters are very personable and funny. We are heading here the next time, no doubt. This is because first sandwich would/should always be the pastrami. Latkes are a bit heavy - typical. Servings were beyond huge (check out photos). A state dinner with all the trimmings was served. If you need another eater, call me. Heads up: From now on, other Yelpers will be able to see how you voted. ), as is their mushroom barley. The classic preparation uses beef intestine stuffed with a mixture of vegetables, but if you buy commercially produced kishke, it probably comes in a plastic casing similar to that used on pre-made polenta. Be prepared to take half your order home because you gotta slog some NY cheesecake down your craw. Real kishke is nothing like the "kishke" that is available at your local delicatessen. There was not a single square inch left on the table that didn't have some sort of food on it. Now that's lunch. Kishka (Stuffed Derma) $15.95. ::long… We got the entire experience. I never understood what stuffed derma is though.I'll miss sitting down under the pictures of all the celebrities that have had their names adorn your specialty sandwiches in the past. C'mon. I gave a hefty gratuity because the waiter was great, put up with mulitple contradictory requests, and kept it lively. They've come and gone eating your heaping piles of meat. What's in stuffed derma??? 2016 has been a sucky year and this is just another straw that will bring down that darn camel.