One way to find deals on products made in the USA is you can s earch for Made in USA makeup on Overstock. An ex-Catholic at Church on Christmas Eve. Facebook Twitter Instagram and also my website Some of these brands may surprise you! Plus paying so much for makeup it should be made in the USA! I'd rather ask and find out now. For nearly 99% of all makeup enthusiasts, the answer is YES. Thanks for reading! Check out more makeup information on, Toxic Lead is Still Robbing Our Children of Brain Power, Self-Regulation Strategies For Helping Your Child With a Sensory Processing Disorder. What are the conditions for decentralized communication? Youtube has created a cosmetic BOOM for the beauty industry. A Historic Number of Women Are Running For Congress. With recent news of asbestos and toxic metals in makeup manufactured in China, it is important now more than ever to be an educated consumer. Before we get started, please follow me on social media for updates to this story and more. If you know of more that should be added to the list, please let me know by commenting below. With potential ingredients like lead, asbestos, arsenic, toxic bacteria, mercury, or aluminum, consumers can become sick or die and no-one would even realize the culprit. With the sudden influx of customers and demand, brands have outsourced, increased production, lowered the quality, and increased the cost — all for the mighty dollar. I like Clinique makeup products but I try to purchase products made in the USA and im wondering if its made here. Happy shopping! Makeup Made in China. It is virtually impossible to track down the manufacturing plants for every beauty product made in China, but one analytical testing company says “Harmful ingredients have been found many times before and it doesn’t show any sign of slowing down.”, Use your best judgement when buying makeup manufactured from other countries, particularly from China. Are some of the makeup brands in your vanity made in China? Here’s some more websites with lists of cosmetics, makeup, and beauty products made in the USA. I’ve researched and devised a list of brands that uses all or most of their ingredients from China. These woman have all partnered with big-named makeup companies to move huge quantities of product that sell-out quickly. Stars like Nikkie Tutorials, Nicole Guererrio, Jaclyn Hill, and Carli Bybel have nearly 20 million followers combined worldwide. Again. What they’re not taking into consideration ultimately is consumer’s health. Facebook Twitter Instagram and also my website Below is a list of makeup brands made in China. Clean Beauty Made in the USA – This is a long list of all kinds of beauty and personal care products made in the USA. Before we get started, please follow me on social media for updates to this story and more. I also like Mary Kay and I'm pretty sure it's made in the USA. 5 Fears That Have Kept Me From Being An Authentic Artist.