Ever. Connect a HDMI cable between the two devices, then switch on the CEC feature on the TV. People choose soundbars over receiver/speaker combinations for … It is what sounds best when watching movies or TV shows. A soundbar should be placed at the front of the TV. The way audio is configured on the TV show or movie separates out sounds that should come from the front. It is by far the best placement for the soundbar and also the most used one. But I can only place them a bit further in the back and creating an angle of 135 degree. People having their TV mounted on the wall usually prefer this placement for their Soundbar. Keep in mind that the soundbar should not interfere with the IR placement of the TV for your remote to work properly. Sub-woofers and speakers work best for putting them behind you. Most people will recommend putting a sound bar under the TV to hide wires better. The sound bar should also have an ARC-enabled HDMI socket. Mount on the Wall Under the TV. According to Dolby's recommended placement, surround speakers should be placed just behind the listening position and range from 90 to 110 degree (from the center line). Future soundbar owners need to consider where they plan to put them and how they plan to use them. Sound bars with HDMI ARC tend to be a step or two up in price from the budget offerings. Mounting vs. setting on a table makes no difference. Depending on how your TV is set up, this is where you should place your soundbar and more: Don’t place a sound bar behind a TV screen. So, when set up this way it is the most immersive experience. Not only should the TV now control the volume of the sound bar, but the power too.