Full name: Mary Jane Grant Born: 1805 Hometown: Kingston, Jamaica Occupation: Nurse and business woman Died: 14 May 1881 Best known for: Her work in helping the sick and wounded – particularly during the Crimean War. Mary Seacole Facts. Mary played at being a nurse with her dolls and pet animals. Also known as: Mother Seacole . Her mother, nicknamed “the Doctress”, kept a lodging house at East Street, Kingston where she nursed army officers and their families from Up Park Camp. Mary wed Edwin Horatio Hamilton Seacole on November 10, 1836. Her mother was a nurse and treated people with local medicines and herbs. Died 1881 Mary Seacole was born in Kingston in Jamaica in 1805. mary seacole 'v---mary seacole was born in kingston, jamaica early in the 19th century in a building that was perhaps the blundell hall on east street next door to the institute building. Much like Florence Nightingale, Seacole had a passion for helping others. Who was Mary Seacole? Mary Seacole, Jamaican born Nurse and Adventurer Mary Seacole was a daring adventurer of the 19th century. Mary Seacole was born in 1805, and she died on May 14, 1881. It was from her mother that she inherited her interest in nursing. Arial Calibri Comic Sans MS Default Design Mary Seacole Famous Nurse Born 1805. Her mother was Jamaican and her father was a Scottish soldier. Mary Jane Grant Seacole was born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1805 and died in Paddington, London, England on May 14, 1881. Mary Seacole was born Mary Joan Grant in Kingston, Jamaica in 1805 to a Creole mother and a Scottish father.