They do lock beaks sometimes and try regurgitating to each other, but they never EVER sit close and snuggle together or preen each other's feathers! They will likely mutually preen one another, might occasionally feed each other and they’ll cuddle up and snuggle together. Kiwi and Kokomo don't do this and I find it rather odd. The food is often refused, and the dominant bird may even chase off or attack the subordinate. If fighting is new, think of recent changes and try to solve the problem. Budgies grind their beaks when they are happy and relaxed, similar to cats and purring! Budgies can move and see out of each eye independently of the other one, which is known as having monocular vision. These steps can also be followed if you are introducing a third budgie into a cage. Thanks for A2A. There are a few reports of birds … I sit and watch the budgies at the pet store preen each other and wonder why my boys don't do that? Before I point out some of the possible reasons for such behavior, remember that female budgies tend to be more aggressive than male budgies. Why is that? what you're thinking of is probably regurgitating. This is the reason why keeping two female budgies together is such a bad idea. Do your male budgies preen each other? parakeets feed each other sometimes by regurgitating. Budgies feed one another by eating the seeds themselves, and then regurgitating it into their friend's mouth. A budgie can have up to 3,000 feathers in total across their whole body. When budgies sleep, they often fluff up their feathers, trapping in warm air, and making themselves cozy. Budgies in Captivity. 0 0. dee k. Lv 6. Both birds may be the same sex. Parakeets do not kiss. The first visit can be short, with the visits becoming longer and longer until they will stay together permanently. Be sure to have two of everything so they aren't fighting over dishes, perches or toys. Chances are they’ll just be what I describe as best friends. Hope this helps! Maybe, maybe not. My male and female budgie do this too.They kiss and feed each other.It is normal for them to do this.If they are male and female they will do this and mate with each other at some point. They help clean each others hard-to-reach spots. Other: In some species, a subordinate bird may bring food to a dominant individual. Once they are used to each other, slowly introduce your new budgie into the new cage for “visits” until both are used to the idea of sharing the same space. Allofeeding among adults has been observed in Florida Scrub Jays, Arabian Brown Babblers, Social Weavers, and captive Eurasian Siskins. 1 decade ago. But if they squawk angrily at each other, if they peck at or bite each other, or if one bird attacks the other, you need to take action.