As there are so many types of axe sharpeners available, this buying guide proves helpful in choosing the best axe sharpener. Contrary to when you are sharpening a knife, the sharpening stone (or file) will be the one moving when you sharpen an axe. The angle is about 25 degrees but is slightly convex. How to Sharpen your Axe by Hand – with a File and a Whetstone Sharpening an Axe with a File. Axe Sharpening Puck and Tool Sharpener Pack of 2 280 & 120 Grit, Dual Grit Whetstone Puck Blade Sharpener for Garden Tools, Axe Sharper Disk for Sharpening Dull, Blunt or Tired Edges. This type of sharpening can be categorized as sharpening without having to do a complete regrind. The gauge should be exactly to scale and can serve as a template. Ideally, the angle should be a about 25 degrees (and slightly convex). Sharpening an axe is a lot like knife sharpening. Two safe axe sharpening positions. It’s used to check for the sharpness of the blade. A good example would be the axe you see in the picture to the left. Secure the axe in a vice (or any other type of clamp). Stop and check the shape with a sharpening gauge. I find that axes can be a bit easier to sharpen, because you tend to bring the abrasive to the axe, where in knife sharpening you bring the knife to the abrasive. Being able to find and then hold a consistent bevel is important for successful results. The best choice is a bastard mill file, as these are made for sharpening blades. $12.99 $ 12. Maintenance Axe Sharpening. The gauge is simply made from a piece of cardboard, a small piece of brass, or even a piece of wood. The double sided coarse/fine credit card stone (3"x 2") is useful for smaller edges and easy to carry with you. Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 2. It is time to check the shape of the edge with a sharpening gauge. Turn the axe over, and repeat the process on the second side. File this side (sharpening on the push stroke and lifting the file off the blade on the return) until the burr goes back over to the first side of the axe. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. 4.7 out of 5 stars 53. Angle gauge/guide Drywall hand sanding pad (sanding block) Sandpaper sheets (various grits) Leather strop. The file does the initial rough work of shaping the edge and the profile of the axe blade. 99. You can protect the axe blade, which you secure in the clamp, from scratches by covering it with tape, or put a piece of cloth or leather in between. If you axe edge is slightly dulled then a diamond stone will restore a cutting edge quickly but these are not finishing stones. I like to use any file that is between 8” and 12” (or 200 and 300 mm) long. These axe sharpening kits are easy-to-use and maintain tools by keeping them sharp and ready for next use.