There are so many people in the world that to do so is not possible. There are far too many risks. I don't think it is right though to clone humans, or any other organism for a purpose other than food, (hopefully not a human for food) If a recent family member died, or is very sick, it isn't right to bring them back, or even try to. We need to figure out a natural not life threatening to any animal or human safe way to end hunger. Also, research into nerve regeneration for people with paralyzing injuries is going on at an ever accelerating rate since actor Christopher Reeve gave it a huge push before he died. I think it is absolutely hilarious how diverse and extremely opinionated people are on here. This article is really good. Science has many wonderful things to offer, but we need to know when to let something go. I'm not religious, by any standards, but to completely miss the point of the discussion is just irresponsible. Another of the cons of cloning animals is potential cost. I don't think so, but I am not sure. "Image of God" arguments are void in that a copy of a copy still results in a copy of an existing design. This is perhaps the biggest “con” to cloning, and the one most frequently cited. He has a plan for each of us. Cloning should be based on scientific facts of the possible good and bad things that come from cloning. Another major advantage of cloning is that it can serve as a means to increase agricultural production, particularly livestock and fresh produce. God knows how our lives will turn out way before our moms knew they were pregnant. i do think that being able to solve world hunger could be the best thing humans could do. Because of that, there is a pressing need to determine whether such practical applications are timely or are indeed necessary for human survival. God puts evil on this world to test us, to build our own views, to have a voice in what we believe, to form ourselves in experiences and tests he puts in front of you to see how we do, and to be able to think for ourselves. It's been many many years since the cross was waved from sea to sea and those who don't believe were left dead in its wake so if we are created in his image, replicas of god then playing god is us. cosmic radiation, environment accidents, circumstances of nuture, etc) . Religion, religion, religion, science. Business Week's Debate Room has short arguments for and against cloned food. Hmmm. Last but not the least is the use of cloning as a means to produce children for infertile and same-sex couples. To date, many scientists will agree that the process of cloning is not yet fully developed to be used as a way to promote the conservation of species. We will eventually destroy ourselves because we don't know limits. Reproducing superior plants, especially those with nutritional superiority, could help address world hunger issues. Again, the process of cloning still needs further studies. Related. G) Would the clone think exactly like me? So, a clone is legally owned by the donor and can be used in what ever way he or she chooses. Unless we wish to be the destruction of ourselves, cloning is something that must not be tampered with. Honestly, I don't think cloning could ever be right or wrong. As many organisms in the planet approach endangerment and extinction, cloning appears to be a possible solution to restore populations. i'm doing a report on cloning. We could make plants resistant to pollution and bugs. Scientists who support this method believe that it would become justifiable for these couples to reproduce in this method, assuming the procedures could be done safely. Some time in the future, a disease hits the rice crop and completely destroys it, and the world suddenly lacks rice. However, cloning techniques have been around for a longer period than that. Anyway, it's the same personality from the start. Why not gardens? As far as anyone really knows, scientists have yet to clone a human being, and there are no federal laws against it in the United State. But I see both sides. I also see the pros and cons of cloning. We also could save endangered species, even revive extinct ones. Just my two "sense.". We will.never have another “Picasso” or “Einstein” (not that way), that’s nuture not nature. We must ask ourselves one important question before we decide to put our two-cents in: Can we discuss the issue in an intelligent and respectable manner? Think about that 24 26 27. Among these is the possibility of cloning parts of humans, like vital organs to be used in transplants, which would be likely to nullify organ rejection issues. However, is it a possible option to help revive the population of species or just another ambitious attempt to achieve immortality? These Pros and Cons of Cloning are Both Fascinating and Scary. A) Would I be willing to give a cell for another me? If we lived in a perfect society where we knew the boundaries when it came to science, I would say that cloning is a miracle. No one truly knows the answer to anything. Now, I have some questions for anyone who reads this to think about. But no the Bible was made through time from generations. Like you said about the twins, they develop different personalities only because they live separate lives and have different experiences from one another. Want an example? Some people feel great reluctance to eat cloned meat, which might lower the value of animals that are cloned. Sure, it has its benefits with ending world hunger by cloning plants. Lets say we accidentally kill off bees. I need one point that is against cloning from the Bible and on point against cloning from scientists. Why do we put the "religious" aspect on this? cloning animals and plants is one thing, but when it comes to people, it's just gone way too far. That is defying the rules of god. I guess if I had to pick, I would not want to do cloning. Genetic PoV: Sure, creating some super plant or animal sounds like a good idea now but when looked at over the years, it can be very risky. But I think of it as a way of creating more livestock to end world hunger. I also don't know one person that is going to spend the money that it costs to clone an animal just to butcher it. I'm surprised gene therapy was not addressed. However, minor genetic engineering is already done with gene therapy on exist people and fetuses. There is no god to test us or try us. The cloned livestock would be a source of food for many hungry countries. Advantages & Disadvantages of Cloning. Playing god? This technique is used to combat any genetic disease. Cloning provides more supply of plants, more agriculture and greener environments in specific areas and better plants. Many support reproductive cloning because of its use in the advancement of science, while others are opposed because of ethical concerns, safety risks, and religious beliefs. Cloned plants also are more predictable, which could help save millions of dollars in farming costs, and plants near extinction could be saved through the right cloning programs. Why should we allow one religion to dictate the rules over everyone? Intriguing. cloning livestock won't work too well, because growing them will still require energy. , shortened telomeres), suggesting that some of her own cells bear the “, In the case of Dolly the sheep, more than 277 attempts were conducted before a viable clone was produced. Everyone knows how important bees are don't they? What religion has brought was what they believe is the answer to life after death. Human cloning will allow doctors to determine the cause of spontaneous abortions, give oncologists an understanding of the rapid cell growth of cancer, allow the use of stem cells to regenerate nerve tissues, and advance work on aging, genetics, and medicines. Let's say God (an apple) made humans (oranges) look like him (oranges that look like an apples). 1. With or without a belief in God or gods, there will always be a yearning for immortality in humankind as a race. he wants us to follow him. I am dead set against cloning. We will just make more insects extinct! (Burn the heretic for 50 favor points!!!). All you people who quote the Bible say it is wrong but we must advance. Immortality. Prior to arguing against the human cloning it is imperative to note the positives of this genetic technology. 1. I'm not saying either side is any more correct than the other; what I'm saying is that for anything to get done, we must not hinder the lines of communication. I am not of any faith myself, simply because of the fact that there are so many religions in the world with their own ideas of what's real or not and what/who god is. Well maybe not single gene complexes from animals where the animal gene is very similar and more easily obtained than from humans. If a family member is sick from a bad heart, and is close to death, you might think, If i clone her, I can take a heart from the clone, and put it in her. Understand genetic research: It helps researchers to know the composition of genes in the human traits and its effects on genetic constituents. We risk overpopulation of a planet that is struggling to fuel it's inhabitants as we speak. Radical re-engineering of custom babies with multiple changes of 1% or more of genes or inserting genes from other animals or unknown genes is a way off. Religious PoV: I find it funny when people say "We are Gods".