Chief is a deep orange wolf with a white, pointed snout, and perked up ears. He might seem abrasive and rude at first blush, but don't judge a wolf by his fur! … ☆ Turkey Day Event Info and DIY Recipes HOT ☆ Christmas Event Info  ☆ Christmas Custom Designs, ★ November To-Do's and Events ☆ November Fish ☆ November Bugs ☆ November Sea Creatures. For some reason he enjoys gardening, and will soon be involved in fishing and Bug catching. Cyd Birthday and Personality | ACNH - Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch)|Game8. Don't wish it were easier; wish you were better. Secrets and Hidden Content | Did You Know? As a cranky villager, Chief will have the tendency to be belittling towards those around him. Celebrating Villager Birthdays | Villager Birthday List, Dream Suite Guide - How to Visit Islands in Dreams, Island Backup and Restoration Service | How to Transfer Save Data, How to Get the Most Heart Crystals Each Day, Types of Fences and How to Make and Break Them, List of Musical Instruments and Music Players, List of Items Customizable with Custom Designs, Top Custom Design Patterns for Signs and Decorations, Top Custom Design Patterns for Face Paint, Fire Emblem: Three Houses (FE3H) Guide & Walkthrough Wiki, Paper Mario: The Origami King (Switch) Guide & Walkthrough Wiki, Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition Guide & Walkthrough Wiki, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Guide & Walkthrough Wiki, Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Guide & Walkthrough Wiki. In New Leaf, when the player has a conversation with a villager with the jock personality about what they were like as a baby, Chief will reenact what he was like as a baby. His initial phrase, " rockin' ", reflects this. His Japanese name, Punks, references his appearance as a wearer of punk fashion. Cyd is a red male elephant villager with a Cranky personality… Help your favourite villager by voting every month with the button below! Animal Crossing: New Horizons. ), Beginner's Guide to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Chief is a cranky wolf villager in the Animal Crossing series who appears in all games to date. UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownSubtleFancyUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown,, Twin BrotherSpeed-readingPoetWerewolf HoodIconicCuteGrayBlendLotsThree spoonfuls. If a stereo is set outside with a song playing, he will sing to the melody; if other instruments are set up, such as drums or guitars, he may play along. This is a profile for Cyd, a villager from Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) for the Nintendo Switch. This is a profile for Cyd, a villager from Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) for the Nintendo Switch. Mudkip_in_Space 6 months ago #1. We will update this information when the update releases, so please check back soon! Chief is a deep orange wolf with a white, pointed snout, and perked up ears. Pokémon Sword and Shield Guide & Walkthrough Wiki, Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH) Guide & Walkthrough Wiki, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Guide & Walkthrough Wiki, Assassin's Creed: Valhalla Guide & Walkthrough Wiki, Demon's Souls PS5 Guide & Walkthrough Wiki, Marvel's Avengers Guide & Walkthrough Wiki. Don't wish it was easier; wish you were better. Judge him by his teeth instead. His eyes gleam when opened and has ginger brown hair in between his two ears that is slanted in a modular way. Elephant fans will be pleased to see this new villager making an appearance in the game. In past Animal Crossing games, Cyd was scared of the during the Halloween Event. Read on to learn Cyd's birthday, personality, catchphrase, and more! His paws, feet, and muzzle are all creamy white and his ears slightly tipp… All tiers are ordered based on your votes! On rainy days he carries the Elegant Umbrella. In New Horizons, Chief has the music hobby and will be more frequently seen singing or dancing. Although he is a wolf, his fur color makes him look like a fox. In Wild World, he may challenge the player to fishing competitions. Infinite Scorpion Island - How to Get or Create It, Nook Mileage Program Activities & Rewards List, Money Rock and How to Hit the Rock 8 Times, How to Grow Money Trees from Glowing Spots, House Upgrades and How to Pay Off Your Loan, Designing Your House - How to Use Storage and Decorating Mode, How to Raise Your Happy Home Academy (HHA) Rank, How to Get Rid of Cockroaches | Catching Cockroaches, How To Make A Passport | Passport Title List, Hairstyle and Face Guide | List of All Character Customization Options, How to Get More Housing Kits | Selling Plots of Land, How to Keep Trees Small and Stop Tree Growth, Mystery Island List | Mystery Island Tour Guide, How to Get Shooting Stars | Meteor Shower Guide, How to Raise Friendship | Activities with Villagers. You can save a comment for later by giving it a Like.As a member:Get access to several features! Cyd in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. He is no exception to the typical cranky villager type, finding peppy villagers too happy and conflicting against snooty villagers. You don't have to spend your hard-earned Nook Miles on a ticket to visit another island, you don't have … He may also ask the player to look for an item of clothing for him to wear - giving the excuse that he cannot be caught shopping for clothes because it is "lame". Our villager tier list for Animal Crossing: New Horizons is compiled into 6 tiers, with tier 1 containing the most popular villagers. His paws, feet, and muzzle are all creamy white and his ears slightly tipped dark brown at the top and are light pink on the inside. Because of his sophistication, he may look like a perky, possibly even a female villager when first seen.