From taking a bullet to the head, surviving that (somehow), surviving the almost guaranteed infection, and finding the man who did the job in an ever expanding Wasteland, the Courier does it all, with no motivation other than the promise of revenge. Finding power armor and getting power armor training in New Vegas is quite the pain in the ass. Now again, credit where it’s due to New Vegas every song that they play fits with New Vegas. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. For me this happened by the time I hit Nipton. To go from this to somehow ruling the Mojave makes almost no sense whatsoever. The Brotherhood of Steel or the Brotherhood Outcasts are just about your only shot at obtaining power armor, and both are hard to find or show up very late game. Fallout 4is no exception to this rule. The problem is that you can only hear Johnny Guitar, Blue Moon, or Big Iron so many times on repeat before you flip off the radio for good. Not only will most of these groups engage you in a fire fight, but they’ll engage each other. Meanwhile, New Vegas just seems to have a drab sepia tone washing over the whole game that doesn't give the same amount of immersion that Fallout 4 offers. Armor makes the man (or woman) in the Wasteland and the Mojave. In times of uncertainty, video games allow us to escape from the stress of the real world. Your email address will not be published. New Vegas was a generation behind, but even for its time it was not the leader in animation or realism. Prefer .45 over .50? The characters are dynamic, the choices feel real, and the radio is the perfect soundtrack to wandering. Perks make the Fallout world go round, and Fallout 4 has the coolest way of picking your perks, offers the most perks, and gives the most description on what those perks will actually do to benefit the Lone Survivor. It's one of my all-time favorite games out there, and I'm not alone in that. "Come Fly With Me" is one of the most frustrating and hated quests I've ever played. This makes Fallout 4 the superior choice in armor customization, which will help you survive the Commonwealth. Easy pick with this one. There isn’t a lot going on beyond the storylines. | Privacy Policy | Contact Us, I think the Enclave are Fallout's best Antagonists, My concept for a new game, Fallout:Hawaii. The perks in New Vegas seem helpful at best, but hardly game-changing. You can also see the Brotherhood and Institute patrolling around the city and ambush each other. The Survival Mode in 4 is dynamic, new and refreshing... while New Vegas' Survival Mode just feels tedious and obnoxious. But I’ve yet to see this just play out. You're emotionally invested in the character from the beginning, after watching your spouse die. Rather than just a green or sepia filter over the world to give it a general feeling of 'apocalypse', the bright colors contrast beautifully with the dead wasteland surrounding them. Yep. Get revenge. The diversity between the perks and the games is one of the paramount points in why Fallout 4 is the superior choice. This is the game with the most detailed facial animations, mixed with the best customization to make your character exactly what you want him to be. While some people hated the Minecraft resembling building system in 4, it was definitely innovative and leaves New Vegas in the dust. 2) The radio is better in Fallout 4 as is the in game music. They added a bit of plot, one or two new guns, and an outfit or two. November 2020 is filled with tons of games to pay attention to thanks to the upcoming launch of PS5 /Xbox Series X and beyond. They arrive in an airship and start droppin' Vertibirds and Paladins like it's nobody's business. This feature is honestly a whole game in itself with the depth it reaches. Though there have been many games in the series thus far, the installment prior to 4 is Fallout: New Vegas which is one of the most coveted games to Fallout fans. New Vegas gave you a canyon and a 9mm, while Fallout 4 gave you a re-imagined theme park, a harbor in Maine with a threat worse than a radiation storm, and the ability to make your own robot companions, among other things. Two games in one is the best reason Fallout 4 will always come out on top compared to New Vegas. This is just another reason the most recent installation is the clear choice for the best Fallout.