Compare prices and shop new and used Manley Labs Variable MU Stereo Tube Compressor/Limiters on Reverb. I also very much like the varimu for tracking. The thickness, warmth and weight of the Manley along with the transparency quickness and sheen or the SCL-1. Newer Manley Variable Mu Compressors use the 5670 tube instead of the 6386. I use the Manley Vari-MU with the tbar and m/s mods along with the Charter Oak SCL-1 on the 2 bus. Manley Variable Mu Compressor/Limiter Mastering Version Features: Rotary switches with detented steps for precise channel matching and settings recall; Switch steps built with 1% metal film resistors on sealed gold-contact Grayhill switches; Manley input and output transformers with pure nickel laminations in mu-metal case Manley Stereo Variable MU Mastering Compressor Options MS Mod. The Manley Vari MU is an all valve compressor and limiter designed for stereo buss compression.. Now, this modern classic is available exclusively for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo interfaces. Manley Stereo Variable Mu Limiter/Compressor with the lowest price and best service from RSPE Audio. High Pass Side Chain mod now comes standard. Vertical/Lateral or Sum/Difference) to the Variable Mu Limiter Compressor, which opens the door to stereo encoding and decoding as well as exciting image … The MANLEY VARIABLE MU® LIMITER COMPRESSOR has been our best selling product for many years. Manley Variable Mu is a favorite of producers and recording engineers - and one listen to what this device does for your sound will make you a believer, too! The Manley Vari Mu takes its name from the patented technology used in this compressor, in which the valve is the gain reduction element. Developed under Manley Labs’ rigorous scrutiny, the Manley Variable Mu Compressor plug-in is a thorough modeling of the legendary tube limiter. The compression works by using the “remote cut-off” or re-biasing of the 5670 dual triode vacuum tube. After that point, the 5670 version tends to sound more "squashed" than the original 6386 version. All-tube, all transformer, an all-American legend. Manley offer a Mid/Side mod upgrade (aka. The Manley Labs Variable MU is a stereo tube compressor/limiter that uses a remote-cutoff tube rather than a VCA or optical cell to carry out the actual gain reduction. The Variable Mu Limiter Compressor is the GLUE that holds the mix together while crystallizing it into a professional, final product. In terms of sound, up to about 6db of limiting it's about the same for these two tube types. Once in a while I'll swap out one or the other for the early meek SC2. Anyone who has heard the classic Fairchild 670 Series limiters in action has an idea of this Variable Mus capabilities - but the sound is even sweeter with the Variable Mu. RSPE carries all the top pro audio - both new and vintage - covered by our own Platinum Service plan and lifetime phone support.