These are basically pieces of marinated paneer threaded onto skewers with some other vegetables, and grilled over charcoal. Also if curd marinade is left in fridge overnight to allow flavors to merge, curd will release water while shallow frying as it gets hot. These pieces are marinated in spices, threaded on to metal skewers and then grilled. I know it’s not always easy to get the kids interested in eating anything with vegetables. Paneer is used as a meat alternative for a variety vegeterian dishes quite alot in the subcontinent. Tikka is small cubed pieces of meat such as chicken, beef lamb or even the above mentioned paneer for vegetarian version. ... (which would have been harder to do without!). Response: If curd marinade is too thin and watery, it will cuddle while shallow frying paneer tikka. However, longer marination time indeed gives better taste. I rotated the skewers and kept it for another 20 mins more. One of those recipes is a Paneer Tikka. However, the seasoning in this marinade is so delicious that even my kids will munch on the veggies without complaint. Hi Sharmilee, I tried your paneer tikka recipe and i kept in OTG with 210 degree Celsius for 20 mins.Still i could not see any color change. Paneer tikka (skewers optional) I do like paneer. Making the paneer tikka kebabs in the oven gives me the option to work on other things at the same time. However it wasn't until I went to a couple of weddings in India a few years ago that I first ate paneer tikka.