Avery Supreme Gloss Light Green Pearlescent Vinyl Wrap Film SW900-777-S. As low as $11.30. FEATURES: Avery SW900 Supreme Satin Pearl Series, is Dual-layered cast vinyl wrap for satin pearlescent … Pearlescent wrap film is considered a standard type of film, which means it is either made of two layers of color or one layer color with a lamination. These pearlescent vehicle wrap films come in satin and gloss finishes giving you various car wraps … Holographic Vinyl Permanent [10 Pack, 12 x 11 inch] Metallic Opal Vinyl Sheets [Opal, Rainbow/Silver, Pink, Blue/Green, Gold/Red] Strong Foil Adhesive Backed Holo Vinyl for Cricut Like Oracal 651 4.4 … APPLICATIONS: Hoods, Roofs, Trunk lids, Bumpers, Door panels, Racing stripes, Exterior mirror covers, Entire vehicle wraps. Quick view Compare . SW900-117-O is recommended for full car wraps, full truck wraps … Avery. 3M Pearlescent Vinyl Wraps is a shimmery pearl wrap film that comes in a unique range of finishes and colors. 3M Pearlescent vinyl wrapping film shimmers and sparkles in different lighting. Quick view Compare Choose Options. Avery Supreme Gloss White Pearlescent Vinyl Wrap … Avery Supreme Gloss Red Pearlescent Vinyl Wrap Film SW900-437-S. As low as $11.30. Avery. Although it looks so much like gloss film, which is not directional, a pearlescent wrap … Avery SW900 Satin White Pearlescent auto vinyl wrapping film is a satin vinyl wrap that will give your vehicle a smooth, paint-like finish that's bound to catch attention.