Sadly, by then I had returned the unit. The Vaonis Stellina telescope is an App-enabled portable smart telescope that’s both lightweight and compact, and can be setup within minutes to quickly watch the entire universe in full HD. Vaonis Stellina Smart Telescope review The Vaonis Stellina is the first phone-scope that stacks 6MP images of galaxies, planets and more By Jamie Carter 09 September 2019 There are two main smart telescopes that can take photos on the market right now – the Vaonis Stellina and the Unistellar Evscope. I discovered concerning the skill to save lots of Uncooked photos on a Q&A web page on the Vaonis assist website. What I didn’t know at the time was that there is a similar product called STELLINA, made by another France-based company called Vaonis. It is a hybrid between a smart telescope and a camera that is priced at a $999US (the Stellina is priced at $3,999US). Brighter celestial objects, like planets and the Moon take less time to get clearer images than deep-sky objects like nebulae. Check out some of the images you can produce with STELLINA below! Observe the cosmos and take photos of deep-space objects with Stellina, a new app-enabled smart telescope. With its ultra compact and unique U-shaped design entirely imagined from scratch, and like any pioneering product in its category, its design and … Stellina Astrophotography smart telescope batteries full review Stellina comes with two small power bank batteries that fit perfectly inside of the telescope's battery compartment. Vaonis Stellina App-Enabled Smart Telescope. Explore hundreds of galaxies, nebulae and star clusters, capture them from your fingertips and share them around you directly from your screen or on social media. If you’re interested in buying the Vaonis Stellina, each unit is currently going for $4,000. Stellina's companion mobile app offers educational content about the stars and universe. Vaonis manufacture smart telescopes and associated accessories, making astrophotography accessible to a broader audience. Vaonis; Stellina // Smart Telescope ... guaranteeing you images have exceptional detail. The company launched the Vespera (a mini version of its Stellina telescope launched in 2018) in October on Kickstarter. The Stellina telescope from French company Vaonis is … What Do STELLINA Smart Telescope Pictures Look Like? STELLINA is the first born of a new generation of instruments halfway between the connected telescope and the camera. STELLINA Observation Station and Hybrid Telescope - Gitzo Systematic Short Tripod - 10000mAh Portable Battery - Battery Cable - Free Mobile App - Dust Cover - Bubble Level Plate - Instruction Booklets - 3x Allen Wrenches (Hex Keys) - Vaonis 2 Year Limited Warranty Catalogue of objects Smart recommendations of objects to observe Realistically, you can use any battery of your choice, as long as it is an external battery with a USB Type-C connector. The light you see in the sky tonight took many lightyears to get here. Download Stellinapp, connect it to your telescope and enter a world of wonders and infinity, the universe. Vaonis Stellina. When you begin controlling the telescope through the Stellina app, documentation and suggestions from the app is underdeveloped. The … CATALOG OF OBJECTS Access hundreds of objects from the Messier and NGC catalogs. We examine each of these below and see how they compare to each other.