But it boiled down to this: Almost all of the useful finger patterns on the violin are comprised of half steps, ... put your first finger on a C and play this pattern, you will hear a two octave scale with a 9 on top when you get to your fourth finger on the eing. Make a glissando so you can hear were you are during the position change. January 30, 2008 at 3:21 AM. Use melodic minor. 3 • Hans Sitt: Scales Studies For Violin, Op. For the G scale, on the E string, you shift from 1st position to 4th position, then finally to 7th position. Do not repeat the top note. It was quite a bit of overkill. • Jan Hrimaly: Scale Book - violin • Paul Rolland, James Starr: Three Octave Scale Fingering Alternatives • Henry Schradieck: School Of Violin Technics: Bk. 2, Bk. Here Andrea demonstrates the 3-8ve Bb major scale starting on the 1st finger, ... E Melodic Minor Violin Left Hand Scales & Arpeggios Three-Octave Scales. The finger pattern charts (downloadable below) are named for the classical modes. Rhythm Patterns in 3-8ve Scales; Two-Octave Arpeggios. 41 • William Starr: Scales Plus! A Tetrachord is a 4 note scale. The one I like for 3 octave scales is to do all the shifting on the E string using fingering 1, 2, 3, shift 1, 2, 3, shift 1, 2, 3. So for 3 octave G major and minor, you get the top G with the 3rd finger. • Ritter-Stoessel: Scale and Chord Exercises for the Violin Keys in parentheses are for viola. On other scales do the same, up with 1st fingers on the last 2 fifth note in the scale and down with first finger pressed and then also the next tone in the scale (the finger playing the forth in the scale… Each block of numbers indicates one string; hyphens indicate a shift or extension. Notice how Andrea has a stable violin which helps her with shifting. Each instrument can play only 3-5 pitches on a given string without shifting. Scale and Chord Exercises for the Violin (Ritter, Ernst W.) Scale Studies for the Violin (Schradieck, Henry) A Scale with 12 Notes (Gardner, Herbert Straus) Scale-Studies for Violin (Hřímalý, Jan) Scale-Studies, Op.25 (Snoer, Johannes) Scales and Arpeggios (Petersilea, Carlyle) 24 Scales and Melodies, Op.115 (Dancla, Charles) 1, Bk. THREE-OCTAVE SCALE FINGERINGS FOR VIOLIN AND VIOLA DR. CORA COOPER KANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY All scales have a “turn” at the beginning and the end, adding up to 24 notes. 3 octave violin scales and arpeggios pdf 3 octave violin scales and arpeggios pdf. Finger Patterns III. 3.rd - when training go slow.