So many tools only have a 1 year warranty these days. Variable speed dial and trigger enables user to match the... Soft start for smooth start-ups and less fling off of... Rubberized loop handle and gear housing to help protect... Wire mesh intake covers to prevent wool fibers from entering... Lock-on button for continuous use operation, Versatile 7-inch/9-inch heavy-duty polisher. Another popular option is the TORQ TORQX, which is a random orbital car polisher machine that’s available as a complete kit. This results in the build up of heat and friction, which allows you to work a cutting compound into the paintwork. Other features of the Rupes LHR 21ES Big Foot include: When used with a quality detailing product, the brand state that the Big Foot can remove heavy paint defects and leave a flawless finish each and every time. In the below photo we taped up the brake lights, plastics and edges of the convertible roof. The longer throw of this car polisher allows it to run much smoother and correct the defective paint faster, which is ideal for tackling large panels. It also includes a nice rubberized tool rest on top so you can set the buffer down without worrying about it falling over and contaminating your pad. The polisher also only weighs 4lbs making it one of the lightest electric rotary polishers you can buy. One of the most significant considerations to make regarding a polishing machine is the weight. This comes at no extra cost to you and does not affect our opinions on product quality. There are many different types of car polisher machines but the two main types include a dual action polisher (also known as a DA polisher) and a rotary polisher. There is also a wire mesh intake cover to reduce wool fiber and polish dust ingestion into the motor, something that the 9227c suffered from. There are hundreds of car polishers available that are suitable for both beginner or professional use. The TorqR has a comparatively small 5” backing plate for more intricate work. // Links to merchants mentioned within this website may be using an affiliate link which means that we may earn a commission if you buy something through that link. Advanced dual action polishers are equipped with a positive drive action. It uses a 300W motor with six variable speeds that range between 1,000 and 3,000 RPM. However, it’s fairly heavy at 9.3 LBS but this is mainly due to the heavy duty materials used within the construction of the car buffer. It’s given this name because it provides a unique 21 mm throw, which allows you to cover more surface area than a standard orbital polisher. This results in a more precise and smooth finish, which is required for precision polishing. Overall, if the Milwaukee 5460-6 were a Camaro this thing would be the Corvette. The max speed is also lower than the average rotary will reduce polishing potential for some metals unless you step up the pad size to increase the surface speed. Therefore, before using any polisher regardless if it’s a rotary or DA polisher, we highly recommend using masking tape around certain areas. However, in the wrong hands, there is potential to cause damage to your paintwork resulting in swirl marks, hazing and other defects. This is due to the fact you must be able to easily control and direct the tool in order to effectively work the cutting compound into the paintwork. Copyright © 2020 PORTER-CABLE 7424XP – Best Polisher For Beginners, 5. Although it comes with an expensive price tag, it’s backed by the reputable DEWALT brand and comes with a long warranty. The buffer does accept standard 5/8″ thread backing plates so your options are plentiful. Other features of the Flex XC3401 include: The permanent direct drive is a very desirable feature that ensures the surface is evenly polished regardless of the pressure, angle or slope. If you’re not a handle user you’ll want to look at other tools in this list that are designed with a more comfortable palm grip. Other features of the Adam’s Swirl Killer Mini include: As this is the “mini” DA polisher, it’s the best car polisher for tackling hard to reach spots. One of the most popular car polishers favored by professionals is the Rupes LHR 21ES, which is nicknamed “Big Foot”. Below are some tips to help you get started and safely polish your car. If you are new to using a car polisher, we highly advise that you watch a few tutorials beforehand. Pros and hobbiests looking for the most refined and user-friendly full size rotary polisher. One of the cheapest car polisher machines on the market is the Neiko 10671A. To ensure the polisher operates smoothly upon the surface, it uses counter weights and a clever motor design. In terms of the performance, it uses a powerful 850 watt motor and 8 mm throw to provide effortless results on neglected paintwork that’s full of defects. The polisher also has unique features such as a wool ingestion shield to eliminate any wool getting into the motor. It’s great for smaller vehicles with complicated panels like motorcycles, trikes, and side-by-sides. Many car polisher manufacturers will state an orbital throw, which usually ranges between 6 to 10 mm. This allows you concentrate on the bad areas like deeper rids or bird bomb etches. Rotary polishers have been around for years. With smaller pads this isn’t a problem. Whether you are an advanced or beginner user, the MT300 is easy to use with an ergonomic construction, which is designed for extended use. To maximize control of this DA polisher, it has 6 variable speed settings that range from 2,500 to 6,500 RPM for flexible polishing. The brand also offer an array of pads to use with the polisher to best suit your requirements. However, there are many easily avoidable mistakes that you should avoid in order to preserve your cars paintwork and these include: Technique is key to ensuring that you are actually correcting the paintwork and not making it worse. The Maxshine M8S is an affordable DA polisher that uses a powerful 900W motor for improved polishing efficiency. Dual action polishers are the most popular and you can perform excellent paint correction with very little effort. Click here to download my FREE guide to filter and sort over 40 different polishers! Rupes Big Foot – Best Random Orbital Polisher. I love that feature on every polisher that has it because I use it ALL THE TIME. This will reduce the heat and friction and will prevent the risk of causing any damage. It’s ruggedly overbuilt and ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue from long use. It also ditches the trigger for a top mounted power switch and digital speed output versus a dial. Other features of the Griot’s Garage DA Polisher include: Griot’s Garage have put a large amount of effort into ensuring that it’s comfortable to use for long periods. As this DA polisher is produced by the reputable Meguair’s brand, there are plenty of accessories and backing plates available that can be attached to the machine. The best car polisher is the Meguiar’s MT300, which is a dual action buffer with variable speed control and an ergonomic design for extended use. Billet counter weight multi bearing design, Soft start to reduce accidental application, Able to move control handle to either side, Balanced ergonomic design for extended use, Safety support ridge for increased stability, Using the incorrect buffing pad or cutting compound, Buffing one area too hard or for too long, Setting the speed/RPM too high to begin with, Not using tape to mask off plastics and other components, Using too much or too little cutting compound, Not fully cleaning the vehicle beforehand.